In the skirmish of mods and variable wattages, there can be stand out GOD, and this is 180W creature from Kamry positively merits a spot in Valhalla. Furthermore, to reveal some insight into a portion of the disarrays – the GOD 180W is made by SMY yet sold as an OEM item to Kamry, which thus rebranded it with their own logo. In this way, none of the items are clones however the same box mod with diverse logos.

The Kamry GOD 180W BOX MOD comes pressed in a zipper bolted dark pocket and inside you will locate the gigantic mod, a coordinating dribble tip, a screwdriver and extra screws, a manual and a quality control report. What’s more, we didn’t say “colossal” in vain in light of the fact that this crate mod is truly massive and substantial and its body is produced using strong aluminum.

On the top side you will see the 510/ eGo association, encompassed by a pleasant removable magnificence ring. The inside pin in non-customizable however we didn’t experience any kind of issues with it keeping in mind the gadget lives up to expectations with eGo design depressed clearomizers they don’t appear that decent on such a major mod. On the front side of the GOD 180W you will see the showcase and the two symbols, (+) or (-) on the buttons utilized for controls. The terminating button is situated at the side, it’s truly responsive, while the back board is removable. In the wake of taking out the two screws you can evacuate the board and mount your batteries.

The GOD 180W mod is fueled by three 18650 batteries that need to have a base consistent release rate of more than 25A. Try not to utilize doubtable quality batteries with this mod and it’s prescribed that you go for some Sony VTC5 or identical that can withstand around 30A. You will likewise need to regard the right extremity showed on the board in light of the fact that the mod won’t power up something else.

To power on the 180W mod you basically need to squeeze five continuous times on the terminating button. The same goes in the event that you need to turn it off. You will see the liberal show that demonstrates the remaining battery charge, the chip temperature, the resistance of the puff counter, atomizer, the power and the yield voltage.


Aluminum Body

Real-time Current Meter

Variable Wattage and Variable Voltage

Driven presentation

5W to 180W Maximum Output

Sub-Ohm Fires to 0.5Ohms to 3Ohms

At standby mode, tap the (+) and (-) buttons to change the yield wattage in 1W additions or decrements

Fueled by three 18650 batteries (Does not come with batteries)
Features a 0.8-inch digital display that shows battery level, atomizer resistance, temperature, puffs, yield force and voltage

Supports two wattage modes:

Typical mode: 5 Watts to 80 Watts

Super mode: 81 Watts to 180 Watts (If you need to swing to this mode, please verify that the battery consistently release current could surpass 25 Amps)

Input voltage: 9.6 Volts (DC) to 12.6 Volts (DC)

Output voltage: 1.5 Volts (DC) to 10.5 Volts (DC)

Assurances: Short circuit (surpasses 30 Amps), reversed polarity, high temperature (surpasses 85 degrees Celsius) and low voltage (lower than 9.6 Volts)

Overtime assurance setting: 1 to 10 seconds for 3 wattage goes (5 Watts to 29 Watts or 30 Watts to 79 Watts or 80 Watts to 180 Watts)

Screen displays setting: 1 to 99 minutes

Vaping modes setting: Manual and automatic

Vaping time setting: one to ten seconds

510/eGo connectivity ports

Removable connector ring with four vent openings.


To get to the menu you have to press the terminating button three successive times. Here you can change different parts of your mod like the cut-off period relying upon the wattage extent, go from manual to programmed vaping – an auto pilot – furthermore go from customary vaping to high power vaping. High power vaping is considered after as far as possible and the gadget shows a notice that you should just empower this setting if utilizing 25A batteries. Additionally, the auto pilot – while another element – we didn’t utilize it that much and chose that manual mode offered an obviously better and typical.

The wattage run on the Kamry GOD 180 Watt is between 5 Watt through to 180 Watt, yet give careful consideration – you will just profit by the entire power when utilizing a 0.5-Ohm atomizer. The mod itself will work with any atomizer or tank that ranges between 0.5 Ohms to 4.0 Ohms. The gadgets accompanies numerous security components, for example, reverse polarity protection, short circuit protection, temperature protection (85 degrees farthest point), low battery voltage security and programmed cut-off.

In this way, unmistakably the GOD 180W BOX MOD is a mod planned generally for vaping fans and cloud chasers and from our perspective it’s not the instrument we would prescribe to an amateur or middle of the road. Indeed, even thus, vaping at 180 Watts is fairly farfetched on the grounds that all together not to get any dry hits the cut-off period must be near to one second. Furthermore, the vapor is exceptionally hot also disturbing to the back of your throat so unless you’re flaunting to a companion, you won’t be vaping at greatest power that regularly. The vast majority will utilize it between the 50 Watts and 100 Watts yet it’s generally awesome to have some additional power put away around to be safe.

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Innokin iTaste MVP V2.0 – Reasons To Try One Out

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Have you recently been looking at one of the top vaping companies in the world, Innokin, a business that is making waves in this industry every year. It’s only been around for a few short years, but during that time, people have come to recognize how this once small company has become an industry leader. It makes a wide variety of products, all of which are very easy to use, incorporating the best technology. If you want to give them a try, the best place for anyone to start is looking at their iTaste product line, especially their MVP V2.0 series. Let’s look at exactly what you will get with this particular device, and why it has become so popular with vaping enthusiasts today.

Products By Innokin

There are quite a few products that this company has come out with in recent years, allowing people to easily transition from regular cigarette smoking into the world of vaping. Advanced personal vaporizers are made by many different companies, but ecigs produced by Innokin are a step above the rest. They have variable voltage settings which makes it possible for you to increase the amount of vapor that you get. This is especially important for individuals that are having trouble transitioning into eliquids, giving them a much bigger hit. Some of their most popular products include their iClear, iTaste and Cool Fire product lines. In this particular case we are going to look at the iTaste MVP V2.0 and why this is something that you should definitely consider using.

iTaste MVP V2.0

When you first look at this device, in fact any of them from the iTaste series, you will quickly see that they are not your traditional electronic cigarette. In fact, they don’t look like a cigarette at all, more like a miniature walkie-talkie or a lighter that has a mouthpiece on one side. It is very innovative designed with 510/Ego threads with a built-in 2600mAh battery. On the mod box itself, there are many features including an ohm meter, and LCD screen, pass-through function, and a display showing the variable voltage and variable wattage that is being used. Once you are making adjustments, you can actually see them real-time, making sure that the amount of output is exactly what you need. It’s very small, only about 4 inches in length and one and a half inches in width, and it takes about six hours to charge.

Best Features Of The Innokin iTaste MVP V2.0

Of all of the features that it has, there are three that really stand out. First of all, there is the built-in memory. Once you have made your adjustments on the wattage or the voltage, the last setting will be brought back once you turn it off and then turn it back on. The second feature is the three digit digital display which can show not only the voltage and wattage setting, but the ohms meter and also what is called the Puff count. This will give you an idea of how much eliquid that you have left. Finally, the built-in lithium ion rechargeable battery is 2600 mAh in size. The ensures that you will have the best possible vaping experience, once it is fully charged, giving you much more power than comparable devices that are produced by other companies.

Using this information, it should be clear to see that the iTaste MVP V2.0 is something that you should definitely give a try. If you are into vaping, and you want to take it to a higher level with more power and control, this device from Innokin will certainly not disappoint you in any way.

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Using Mods To Improve The Electronic Cigarette Smoking Experience

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Electronic cigarettes provide cigarette smokers with nicotine without many of the harsh chemicals, carbon monoxide, and tar that comes with smoking a regular cigarette. There is also no smoke, no butt or any ashes left behind. Electronic cigarettes, or e-cigs are constructed to appear very similar to regular cigarettes. They come in the same shape, same length, and even the same color.

E-cigs are usually powered by a lithium battery. These batteries are limited by the size of the cigarette and sometimes limit the time of the smoke a great deal. Those who use e-cigs have figured out a way to extend the life of their smoke by modifying their electronic cigarettes. These modifications not only prolong the length of the smoke, but also help create a more consistent and thicker vapor.

There are a variety of different mods on the market, including Sigelei 100W Plus Box Mod and the Excalibur Mechanical Mod. These mods can be customized from the top to the bottom. Those who smoke e-cigarettes are called vapers, and these vapers search high and low in the internet to find different ways to improve their smoking experience.

Many vapers gather together in vaping cafes or in online forums to share information and find new and different methods of maximizing battery power. They also glean information on where to buy different parts, how to improve the performance of the cartomizer, and which brands provide the best vapor and flavors.

Many vapers began customizing their e-cigs with mods as a sort of hobby, but it now one of the most popular subjects on e-cig and vaping forums. The practice has grown so popular that there are even boutiques selling parts, devices, and different e-liquids all over the world.

There are some pros and cons to using a mod on your electronic cigarettes. Some believe it enhances the smoking experience, while others think it takes something away from the enjoyment of vaping.


Mods for e-cigarettes typically come as large cylindrical tubes. They are usually too large and bulky to hold between your fingers, which can be a negative for some e-cigarette users. Many of the mods are activated manually, too. This means that the smoker will need to push a button and inhale to get the vapor moving.

Battery Power

Many e-cigarettes lack enough battery power to provide a smoker the type of smoke they want. When a vaper creates their own mod for their e-cigarettes, they can use replaceable batteries which can significantly extend both their battery life and their smoke. Mods also usually provide a thicker, much more consistent vapor.

E-cigarette mods usually possess a customizable vaping voltage and a higher amp output. Most of these variable voltage range from 3.0 to 6.0 volts. It is helpful is a mod can provide voltage up to 6.0 volts, especially if your e-cigarette resistance is above three ohms.

If you are looking for the best mods, look for one which allows the voltage to be adjusted in 1v. increments. This makes it perfect for tuning the power output and creating the best vapor.
As the batteries in your e-cigarettes are drained, they begin delivering less voltage and creating less vapor, especially as the battery reaches the end of its charging cycle. It is possible for mods to fix this by creating a consistent voltage with every puff. This helps sustain the vapor consistency until the battery is completely charged.

Mods for Cartridges and Cartomizers

Typical electronic cigarettes use a cartomizer which consists of both the atomizer and the cartridge. This reduces the need to take apart and clean or replace the vaporizer every few months. It also helps that you get a new atomizer every time you need to change the cartomizer, which helps ensure you are continually getting the full experience of richer flavors and a good, thick vapor.

Instead of using cartomizers which are prefilled and disposable, mods hold more e-liquid and help ensure there is nothing wasted during a smoke. Cartomizers are also typically disposable, while mods can be refilled. You can refill your mod with a less expensive e-liquid realizing even more long-term savings.

Most mod devices for electronic cigarettes can handle higher output circuits and up to 2.5 amp of output. These higher output circuits help the dual coil cartomizers to perform at a higher level. If a mod device can run at a voltage higher than 4.5v or above, then the dual coils cartomizers can really open up and create a really great vaping experience.

Mods for electronic cigarettes can increase vaping power and provide cost advantages for heavy smokers. There is a downside, though, since most mods are made by individuals or in boutiques, there is little to no quality control on their production.

Mods for almost every type of electronic cigarette are available for purchase online or the pieces required to construct a mod can be purchased internationally with no restriction. One of the risks of buying one of these mods is they can explode or catch on fire, because there are no safety inspections of quality control standards.

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All About Drew Estate Cigars

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Drew Estate is a relatively new entrant into the world of cigar making. This Nicaraguan based cigar company was founded less than 20 years ago, in 1998, and it specializes in making hand-rolled cigars. There are a number of brands under the Drew Estate banner, and the company has the rather memorable slogan of “The Rebirth of Cigars”.

Cigars Made by Drew Estate

The Drew Estate company is best known for its ACID brand of cigars, but it also makes several other cigars including the Natural brand, as well as the high-end Liga Privada, the Java blend, Tabak Especial, Ambrosia, Isla Del Sol, La Vieja Habana and also Chateau Real. Each of these brands is very different to the last and is aimed at a different segment of the cigar market.

The History of Drew Estate

Drew Estate was founded in 1998 by Mr Jonathan Drew. The company was initially based in Esteli, Nicaragua and that is where they made the decision to open their very first cigar manufacturing facility. However, while the core of the company is based in Nicaragua, the company chose to locate its headquarters in New York City.

The first product to be made by Drew Estate was the La Vieja Habana product, however the production of this product was delayed when Nicaragua was hit by Hurricane Mitch. By the time they were ready to resume production, the company had come up with a unique new cigar design wich combined Asian botanicals with essential oils and herbs. This blend became known as ACID, and was incredibly important for the company as a part of its “Rebirth of Cigars” ethos.

Drew Estate made the decision to bring in Scot Chester, who goes by the artistic nickname ACID, to launch the brand because his blend of urban, industrial and graffiti as well as motorcycle art suited the audience that they were trying to reach.

ACID proved a hit with a new audience of people who would normally dismiss cigars as boring, but Drew Estate did not want to ignore the traditional and established base of existing cigar smokers. To that end, they launched the “Natural” line of more traditional tobacco blended cigars. They called this line “ying” to the “yang” of ACID. Natural was also a big hit.

Not long after releasing ACID they launched a selection of infusion based cigars, called Ambrosia. They also tried experimenting with coffee-infused cigars, but the early attempts at creating a premium coffee infusion were failures. Their one success came in the form of a coffee-liquer infusion based on Khalua. They discontinued this line in 2007, and followed up with the Tabak Especial infusion cigars, as well as the Java and the Isla del Sol range.

In 2004, the headquarters of the company moved from New York City to Miami, and Steve Saka became the president of the company. Under the management of Mr Saka, the company decided to return to its traditional roots, launching Chateau Real, a non-infused cigar. In 2006, the company then began work on a new factory, called the La Gran Fabrica Drew Estate. This factory opened during the summer of 2007. The La Gran Fabrica was a massive facility, covering more than 96,000 square feet. It was the largest factory in Nicaragua and ranks in the top five biggest premium cigar factories currently open in the world. The factory produces a staggering 70,000 hand-rolled cigars every day.

Many tobacco companies are struggling to stay relevant in a world where smoking is no longer a habit, and cigars are now something that are smoked only occasionally. While some tobacco companies have opened smoking lounges to appeal to high end clientele and have emphasized the social and the “experience” aspect of smoking cigars, Drew Estate have gone a different route, producing cigars for younger audiences and those who are new to the world of smoking as well as also targeting the highest end of the market with their private blend cigars. This approach appears to be working well for them, as over the last few years the company has continued to grow even as social pressures have made it difficult for cigar companies to operate in a crowded marketplace.

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All About Hoya De Monterrey Cigars

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Hoya de Monterrey Cigars (more often referred to as Hoyo de Monterrey) is a cigar brand that exists in two forms. One form of the brand is the Cuban brand of cigar that is produced by Habanos SA, the tobacco company that the state owns and which serves the island of Cuba and also exports some cigars to other parts of the world.

The other version of the brand is the one that is produced in the Honduras by General Cigar Company. This company is a subsidiary of Swedish Match, and produces a selection of cigars that are American market versions of Cuban brands. The Cuban cigars are unavailable to people in America because of long-lasting trade embargos, however that may change over the next few years as relations between Cuba and the USA have gradually begun to improve.

Jose Gener y Batet was the founder of the Hoyo de Monterrey company. He was born in Spain and in 1831 he travelled over to Cuba when he was just 13. He went to work on a plantation that was owned by his uncle, and spent about 20 years there before opening his own cigar factory, where he made a cigar line under the brand name La Escepcion. He used the profits from that factory to purchase a top-quality tobacco farm, and then registered the Hoyo de Monterrey cigar line name. The brand was officially created in 1865.

The name “Hoyo de Monterrey” translates to “the Hole of Monterrey” and it is a reference to the concave terrain that premium tobacco growers tended to prefer. The new brand was a big hit in the British market, and the factory quickly became one of the most successful ones in Cuba.

Don Gener died in 1990, and it fell to his daughter, Lutgarda Gener, to take over the business. The company stayed within the Gener family until 1931, when the family decided to sell on their cigar brands so that they could focus all of their attention on their sugar cane business. The cigar Hoyo de Monterrey brand was bought by Fernandez Palicio y cia, who also picked up the La Escepcion brand at the same time. Fernandez, Palicio y Cia already owned several popular lines, including Belinda and Punch. When Ramon Fernandez died, Fernando Palicio became the sole proprietor of that company.

Following the Cuban revolution and the decision to nationalize all cigar makers, Fernando Palicio, left Cuba to head to Florida. At this point he sold all of his cigar brands to the Villazon family. Production of the Hoyo de Monterrey brand continued with that company. They moved their production of Hoyo de Monterrey, along with their Belinda cigar product, to Tampa, Florida. This meant that the American market retained access to those products.

This is the point at which the two brands split. While Villazon made the American version of the product, the Cuban production continued as well.

Hoyo de Monterrey is a brand that is marketed globally, and Habanos has included it in its annual Edicion Limitada releases several times. There were some problems with The Particular during the 2000 Edicion Limitada lineup, and those problems meant that only limited number of the cigars went out to vendors. Habanos made the decision to re-release that cigar in 2001, making it the only cigar to get included in the Edicion Limitada twice. In 2004, Habanos made the decision to add the Petit Robusto to the Hoyo de Monterrey range, and slightly redesigned the brand at the same time.

This range of cigars is incredibly popular with collectors, and in addition to the full-size cigars there are two machine made cigarillos that bear the Cuban Hoyo de Monterrey name – they are the Mini and the Midi. These cigarillos are incredibly popular daily smokers, while the full size cigars are considered to be a more luxurious smoking experience. Red Aeurbach, a former NBA coach and executive with the Boston Celtics, was known to smoke Hoyo de Monterrey branded cigars as a “victory cigar” before the end of games that he attended. He could be seen indulging in those cigars regularly from the start of his career in the 50s to his brief retirement in the 1990s, and also when he returned to the industry in the early 2000s.

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The Facts about Electronic Cigarette

It frequently becomes difficult to find any data that is not useful to the one who is utilizing the ecigarette whenever a person checks the Electronic cigarette evaluations. Several ecigarette evaluations emphasize the different health advantages which are associated with the facets of utilizing Electronic cigarettes and display the good reviews which are discussed by happy customers. The truth is that there is no clarification found in Electronic cigarette evaluations not to help that the move should be made by every smoker towards the normal usage of the ecigarette from conventional smoking. Some ecigarette evaluations actually identify the ecigarette whilst the system that is greatest to become utilized in getting an effective fall the routine work. As the discussion between the usage of the ecigarette and also the using conventional cigarettes proceeds to happen, one reality of ecigarette evaluations is difficult to challenge which pertains to the price. Cigarettes are costly as cigarettes get to be the goal of a rise in produce costs consequently of lawsuits penalties, and fees and elevated customer taxes and they are just growing in price. Moreover, cigarettes are quickly broken which frequently wants the purchase of substitutes, contributing to the routines cost and deliberately ready to be delicate.

e-cigWhenever you consider the ecigarette you might find an extended sustained item that will be not meant to be able to generate income for that developing organization to crash. Furthermore, quality and the lifetime of the filter tubes utilized using the ecigarette maintain expenses reduced and therefore are quickly changed when required. The smoker could be saved an enormous amount of cash, assisting the debate for that ecigarette by this move towards the Electronic cigarette. One more benefit is located using the options open to the possible person. Among the main drawbacks of smoking linked to the dangerous substances that toxins and are present in cigarettes including tar.

With no health problems that are associated with cigarettes you will find an extremely comparable smoking encounter using the ecigarette. The reason being tar is not contained by the filters utilized within the Electronic cigarettes or toxins, immediately enhancing your wellness. Being an additional benefit you should have the ability to make use of the ecigarette like a healthful alternative to displace your smoking routine or like a device before you no further require the smoking help to progressively lower your smoking coverage. Ecigarette evaluations are a supply of info for almost any smoking individual who possibly is seeking find or to stop a healthful option to cigarettes use.

Need to Know About Electronic Cigarette

Electronic cigarette may be the standard cigarette’s Electronic edition. The results of e-cigarette would be the reverse of the standard smoke because it doesn’t trigger health issues that are any worrying. Electronic cigarette is much like really a regular smoke, except that it’s a smoking tablet triggered with a heat product within the smoking system as it pertains towards the look. Using the heat device, vaporization is likely to be created to produce a smoking taste that’s comparable using the conventional smoking, minus its consequences that are damaging. After utilizing the smoking system many people who have attempted the ecigarette did not bother to return on the conventional smoke. The ecigarette is among the best actions to prevent the smoking habit. Actually, it is the very best option to limit people drop within the lure the smoking cigarettes, of harmful habit. In the beginning, smokers are skeptics and uncertain to think that it’s the answer to save lots of them from smoking that is terrible related illnesses. But issues once they could succeed understand it works and the Electronic cigarettes.

e-cigaretteTo get a very first time person of ecigarette, it is extremely important to understand exactly what the smoking system. E-cigarette or e-cigarette may be the battery-operated and latest innovative smoking system. It cannot be refused the smoking system is extremely useful to smokers within the feeling that it provides an excellent and healthier smoking option to the cigarette cigarettes. The e cigarette is intentionally made to permit smoker go through the smoking routine with no fire ash, carbon monoxide, tar odor present in the standard cigarettes. It can’t be refused that ecigarette includes a large amount of advantages to its customers. The e cigarette doesn’t contain any cigarette. It’s the key reason smoking system is free of harmful and dangerous carcinogens.

Additionally, the e cigarette does not have any uncomfortable and harmful hand smoking, but provides a secure and healthful atmosphere to smoker and non smoker. In a nutshell, the Electronic cigarettes gain its customers by giving them secure and a clear to breathe smoke. For some time, a higher proportion of individuals are changing to ecigarette due to the secure and healthful smoking choice. Its recognition is getting quickly among smokers. Actually, lots of businesses are trading to create smoking system that is more advanced. It is more straightforward to do some study before selecting e cigarette to ensure that organization manufactures the system with top quality items. Without any question, the ecigarette is the greatest substitute smoking system to reduce the illnesses that are dangerous by conventional cigarette smoking. However you will find while using the smoking system factors that needs to be totally implemented.